Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fraterville Miner, W. Earnest WALLACE

Ed Wallace, a great grandson of Fraterville miner, W. Earnest WALLACE, contacted me recently. He provided me with some information that I did not know. W. Earnest WALLACE had a son, William Earnest WALLACE, born December, 1902. In the 1910 census for Anderson County, TN, William Earnest WALLACE, age 7, was a nephew in the household of Andy J. and Martha A. WALLACE. Andy J. WALLACE was also a coal miner. I think that they are the Andy J. WALLACE and Alice BAILEY who were married 7 August 1899 in Anderson County, TN. William Earnest WALLACE married Maude HOLMES in 1921, and they had 7 children including Gerald WALLACE, who married Louise. Ed WALLACE is the 4th child of Gerald and Louise WALLACE.

Thank you, Ed, for writing me and providing the new information.