Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Connection to the Aaron VOWELL Family

This is a follow-up to my post last month about miners, Joseph L. "Joe" and Richard MCQUEEN, who were killed in the Cross Mountain mine explosion. Joe and Richard MCQUEEN were children of Richard M. MCQUEEN and his (apparent) second wife, Lizzie (maiden name unknown). Richard M. MCQUEEN's first wife was Jane VOWELL, 1851-1877. Jane was the oldest daughter of Aaron VOWELL and Elizabeth "Betty" CRAIG. Although Joe and Richard were not blood relations of Aaron and Elizabeth, they were half-siblings of the three children of Richard M. MCQUEEN and Jane VOWELL. The half-siblings were: Hettie, born 1871, who married Columbus TEASLEY 15 October 1887 in Anderson County, TN; Mary Ann, born 1873-1874, who married William RUDOLPH 17 December 1893 in Campbell County, TN; and, John Wesley, born 6 January 1877, who married Julia Ann DAUGHERTY 22 March 1896 in Anderson County, TN. All three of the latter children were grandchildren of Aaron and Elizabeth "Betty" (Craig) VOWELL. I welcome comments, additions, and/or corrections to the above information.