Saturday, April 6, 2013


Recently, I was contacted by Daniel Brown, who wrote, "I just want to thank you for making the book available to the public. I am a direct descendant of Michael, "Squire" Groody, and the information in this book about the conditions in the Pennsylvania mines is extremely useful for a report in my, "Irish in the US," class at Notre Dame.  Thanks again, and I look forward to finishing the book,"

Thank you, Daniel, for your kind remarks.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Recently, I was contacted by Linda Massengill, a granddaughter of Nicholas William MASSENGILL (#93).

Linda informed me of the other children of Nicholas MASSENGILL and Alice AMOS.  I have revised my information about him as seen in the link above.  Thank you, Linda.  In revisiting his census entries, I noticed that Alice (Amos) MASSENGILL was enumerated as Nancy A. in the 1900 census for Anderson County, TN.  So, my presumption is that her full name was Nancy Alice AMOS.  I was unable to find her marriage to Nicholas MASSENGILL in's Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002.  I could not find an Alice AMOS in Tennessee in the 1880 census.  There was a Nannie (common nickname for Nancy in the 19th century) AMOS, age 9, in the household of Presley and Mary AMOS.   They are probably the Presley AMOS and Polly AMOS who were married 9 November 1842 in Roane County, TN.  This was probably in the part of Roane County that became part of the newly formed Loudon County in 1870.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


MEA CULPA. LaVelda Faull, great grand niece of miner, William H. ROBERTS (#111), wrote me recently to correct misinformation about him on my website. First, Walter A. ROBERTS (#110) was NOT a brother of William H. ROBERTS. Second, I had mistaken her great grand uncle for another William H. ROBERTS, born about the same time in Anderson County, TN. LaVelda, a great granddaughter of Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Roberts) FAULL, shared with me an article from "The Bee" of Earlington, Hopkins County, KY, dated 29 May 1902, in which was a report that "Mr. and Mrs. George FAULS went Wednesday to Coal Creek, Tenn., where her brother perished during the recent catastrophe at that place." Additionally, in revisiting the information for miner, Walter A. ROBERTS (#110), I reviewed census information which showed that he was probably NOT a son of Anneliza Elizabeth ROBERTS as previously shown on my website. He was probably a son of Eliza ROBERTS, age 31, who was in the household of Anneliza ROBERTS, age 28, in the 1870 census for District 5, Anderson County, TN. Also in the household were 2 probable children of Eliza: Walter A., age 8, and George S., age 5. I am most grateful for the correct information and documentation provided to me by LaVelda.

Friday, August 31, 2012


The information for Cross Mountain miners, William T. HENDERSON (#86)and his step-son, Milton HENDERSON (#85), has been revised. A descendant provided new and revised information for both miners.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fraterville Miners - W. Earnest WALLACE and William G. WALLACE

I have made minor changes to the information about Fraterville miners: W. Ernest WALLACE (#166) and William G. WALLACE (#167). The primary change to William G. WALLACE is the addition of a third child of William G. and Louvenia (Goins) WALLACE. This information was provided recently by a descendant. The revisions made be seen at Fraterville Miners Page 14.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Connection to the Aaron VOWELL Family

This is a follow-up to my post last month about miners, Joseph L. "Joe" and Richard MCQUEEN, who were killed in the Cross Mountain mine explosion. Joe and Richard MCQUEEN were children of Richard M. MCQUEEN and his (apparent) second wife, Lizzie (maiden name unknown). Richard M. MCQUEEN's first wife was Jane VOWELL, 1851-1877. Jane was the oldest daughter of Aaron VOWELL and Elizabeth "Betty" CRAIG. Although Joe and Richard were not blood relations of Aaron and Elizabeth, they were half-siblings of the three children of Richard M. MCQUEEN and Jane VOWELL. The half-siblings were: Hettie, born 1871, who married Columbus TEASLEY 15 October 1887 in Anderson County, TN; Mary Ann, born 1873-1874, who married William RUDOLPH 17 December 1893 in Campbell County, TN; and, John Wesley, born 6 January 1877, who married Julia Ann DAUGHERTY 22 March 1896 in Anderson County, TN. All three of the latter children were grandchildren of Aaron and Elizabeth "Betty" (Craig) VOWELL. I welcome comments, additions, and/or corrections to the above information.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cross Mountain Miners: Joseph & Richard MCQUEEN

Based on information from MCQUEEN descendants, I have revised the information for Joseph L. "Joe" (#46) and Richard (#47) MCQUEEN who were killed in the Cross Mountain mine explosion. Links to the revised information for Joseph and Richard are included below.

Link to Joseph and Richard MCQUEEN